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KM Consulting House offers Consulting as well as Procurement and Contract Management Support for Pharma, Biotech, and Medico companies which plan or have initiated construction (CAPEX), redevelopment or adjustment of processes. The focus is on sustainable and productive solutions for both clients and suppliers – without disregarding demands from clients and authorities.

Sustainable and productive solutions

For clients and suppliers


With more than 20 years of sourcing and contract management experience to pharma, biotech, and medico companies in Denmark, I offer my service as reviewer, facilitator and optimizer of the client’s contracting and sourcing strategies for all indirect spend.

Close focus and adherence to the client’s budgets, milestone- and quality plans among my focus areas.

Procurement and Contract Management Support

Invite me in when planning production upscaling, green field facilities or looking for new service or calibrating providers to your existing production.

Via a huge and dedicated supplier network, I can offer tailor made solutions dedicated the clients needs and business critical focus areas.

Drafting and maintaining of Procurement- and Individual Contract Plans to support and monitor progress, contract development and adherence to the project milestone plan, will be corner stones in Procurement and Contract Management Support.

Thanks to a high level of technical understanding, I’m able to challenge my client’s requirements and compliance criteria prior to issuing of tender packages.

Smooth process interfaces between related work packages and avoidance of over-engineering will always be fundamental cornerstones in my commercial approach.

Supplier or Internal Audits

Planning and conduction of Quality Audits is way of safeguarding that daily operations are compliant with standards and requirements given by stakeholders or influencers.

As certified lead auditor, KM Consulting House offers audits according to ISO 9001:2015, the quality standard.

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You are welcome to contact KM Consulting House if you have any questions or want to know more about my solutions, consulting as well as procurement and contract management support. I am always available to help and clarify your opportunities.